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Questions about how make lasting change?
Who Is This For?
Individual counseling
  • ​Missing something that would make life fall into place?
  • ​Always trying to escape with unhealthy behavior?
  • ​Have what you always wanted but still feel incomplete?
Substance use treatment
  • ​Feeling like your drinking or drug use are getting in the way?
  • ​Held back from finding a relationship or dream job?
  • ​Able to stop- but not quit for good?
Who Am I?
I'm Dan Tallman
Addiction and mental health specialist, LMSW, CADC, MSL
I help people feeling stuck in their lives find freedom. 


Because I used to feel hopeless myself. And it wasn’t until I hit a point of desperation that I finally figured out how to create the life I always wanted. From an early age I felt like I was never enough. On the surface I had everything I thought would make me happy. My family supported me, I had plenty of friends, and I was successful in school and activities. But on the inside, I was never satisfied. Something was missing.
As a teenager and young adult, I tried everything I could to fill that gap. I learned a lot of unhealthy behavior that would mask the pain. I had no idea how to be happy with myself and lead a full life. So I turned to alcohol, drugs, food, and unhealthy relationships. These were all temporary fixes, so I continued to feel empty.
Eventually I realized that none of those were long term solutions. I looked for a lot of quick fixes to get over them. I read everything I could about addiction, sat through countless meetings, and went to more than a few treatment programs. The more I tried addressing those problems, the more frustrated I became that I didn’t feel better. I had a lot of consequences because of my drinking, but none of them led to long-term recovery. The light came on for me when I figured out that moving toward the good things in my life- not away from the bad- was the key to long-term success. I learned that my addiction, particularly to alcohol, was a symptom of a deeper problem. I was unable to feel comfortable in my own skin and have meaningful relationships with others. Working with a therapist, I learned how to address those issues. Growing meaningful relationships allowed me to build a full life. And I found the joy and satisfaction I always wanted. Today, I have a beautiful family, deep relationships with friends, and a career I love.

I can help you move forward in life.
I became a therapist because I am passionate about helping people. Everyday I see people feeling stuck in their lives, and I help them find freedom, fulfillment, and meaningful relationships. Too often we put people seeking counseling into boxes and offer cookie-cutter solutions. My goal is the exact opposite- to meet you where you’re at and tailor a therapy experience to your situation and needs. My style is active and direct, and together we will navigate the recovery path that works best for you. 
No matter where you’re at in your journey, there is always hope. I find that the most meaningful progress comes from the deepest pain. 

If you have tried therapy and/or treatment in the past and found it ineffective, I’m the therapist for you. 

You deserve better than just getting by, you deserve to thrive. 

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